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David Lewis Richardson


Film, Television, Commercials

International Award Winning

 Drama & Documentary

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On leaving drama school in Bristol, David became the youngest director in the BBC making documentary series such as THE SHOCK OF THE NEW  (voted one of the fifty top tv programmes ever made by The New York Times) and THE CELTS collaborating closely with ENYA who wrote and performed the music for the series as well as working on two music videos with her. 

More recently he turned his talents to drama, starting on EASTENDERS and moving to HOLLYOAKS SPECIALS, DOCTOR WHO, Paul Abbott’s BAFTA winning SHAMELESS and a feature length DVD released by Momentum Pictures. He has also directed a NO.1 pop video and has worked with actors as varied as Dame Judi Dench, Tom Baker, Caprice, David Threlfall and David Jason. He’s  teamed with  writers from Robert Hughes to George MacDonald Fraser to Clive Barker. 

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With a wide range of experience in Producing, Script Editing, Wrtiting and Directing, he has been nominated for many international and national awards including an Emmy, a Bafta, and six nominations for The Soap Awards at which he won ‘Spectacular Scene’ and ‘Best Episode’. David is probably the only Director in the World to have his film work purchased by an Art gallery. He directed a ‘commercial’ with Richard Hamilton (creator of Pop Art and The Beatles 'White Album’) now owned and currently on display at The Tate Modern - which reflects his genuinely unique imagination and tremendous visual flair. He is also a strong performance and action director. David has worked with the BBC, Granada, Time Life Films, HBO, FR3, and LWT. As well as directing David has also produced several drama & documentary series. Currently deveoping ‘Contessa’ an contemporary update of ‘The Count of Monte Christo’. He's also co-writing the Television Series 'Edge of Justice’ with Danielle Alexandra (Exec Prod & Writer, Ridley Scott's G.I. Jane)

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More recently David has moved into Feature Films as a Director & Writer for DreamWolf Films. When he’s not directing he’s usually fencing in a shameless attempt to emulate Zorro! 

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